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  • 2009 TOYOTA YARIS 106KM FOR $6995.00 Stock Number:
    Price: $6995.00

    2009 TOYOTA YARIS 106,000 KMS BLACK FOR $6995.00 SPECIAL PRICE!!!

  • 2005 NISSAN X-TRAIL BLACK 180KM FOR $5495.00 Stock Number:
    Price: $5495

    Nissan X-Trail 2005 180KMS, FOR $5495.00

  • 2006 DODGE CARAVAN 163KMS FOR $2995.00 NOW! Stock Number:
    Price: $2995.00

    2006 DODGE CARAVAN ONLY 163,000 KMS *GOLD* FOR ONLY $2995.00 NOW!

  • 2009 TOYOTA COROLLA CE 136KMS FOR $7995.00 Stock Number:
    Price: 7995.00

    2009 TOYOTA COROLLA CE ONLY 136,000 KMS *GREY* FOR ONLY $7995.00

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